New for 2023: The Mercedes-Benz sprinter horsebox.


The MTM Luxury combined with Mercedes-Benz ruggedness.


170 HP, 9-speed automatic transmission. Transporting 2 horses in individual stalls, 5-seat cabin.


The new SPRINTOVAN, the latest addition to the MTM lineup, designed on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. It features a 2-liter engine with 170 HP and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The SPRINTOVAN is designed to withstand the most demanding challenges of the road. Its structure is reinforced to cope with tough conditions, whether on rough roads or dirt paths.

High-quality materials, meticulous finishes, and elegant design combine to create a luxurious driving experience.

Reliability is at the core of this vehicle's design. Thanks to advanced engineering and high-quality components, it delivers exceptional durability. Powerful and fuel efficient engines, combined with state-of-the-arts transmission systems, ensure consistent and reliable on-road performance. Furthermore, meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process helps reduce the risk of breakdowns and extends the vehicle's lifespan.

MTM is committed to providing a 36-month or 200,000-kilometer (under normal vehicle usage) bodywork warranty, in addition to Mercedes'2 year warrenty with unlimted milage for all mechanical parts. Please note that the SPRINTOVAN is only available for right-hand drive. It is not suitable for roads in the UK and Ireland.

Our vehicles meet European RCE certification to allow free movement and registration of the vehicles across European Union. MTM has a wide network of European retailers.

Each client is unique and has different needs and we offer various design configuration for your vehicle: saddlery equipment, bodywork options, exteriors design, cab’s configuration ... Contact us to creat your perfect vehicle.

Technical specifications

Length: 6690
Width: 2100
Hight: 2960


- Semi-automatic TEMPMATIC air conditioning
- Cruise control with onboard computer
- Automatic headlights and windshield wipers
- Digital car radio - Leather steering wheel
- MBUX multimedia system with a 10.25-inch touchscreen
- Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors
- Heated passenger and driver seats
- Fog lights with adaptive lighting (high-performance LED headlights optional)
- 16-inch alloy wheels, 6.5J width (back finish)
- Front passenger airbag - Comfort front driver and passenger seats


- Partition (1/3-2/3) running the full length of the horse section
- 1 sliding side panel on a sandwich panel equipped with a stainless steel grille and a suspended rubber mat (3 positions)
- Wheel arch covered with a contoured shell (polyester/kevlar)
- 1 headboard (1/3 section) made of sandwich panel lined with glued rubber
- 2 partition doors with the tack room; lower part lined with glued rubber and upper part made of stainless steel grid
- Access doors equipped with the "easy access system"
- Padded sides and front partition
- Cushions on the exterior walls and above the head
- Door stoppers for stall doors in the open position
- Two way switch in the tack room and cabin for the horse section lighting
- Side panels in reinforced insulated “sandwich”, thickness 30 mm, polyester on both sides
- Isolated and profiled body extension over cab
- Reinforced aluminum cabin partition with porthole
- Aluminium floor covered with non-slip rubber mat and waterproofing edge
– Full painting of the bodywork (inside and outside) in polyurethane lacquer (white)

Horse area and tack room

- Stall configuration
- 1 removable honeycomb side panel, equipped with a stainless steel grid and suspendted rubber mat (3 positions)
- Divider door with the tack room with an easy access system ®
- Headbords made of insulated sandwich panels
- Cushioning of the walls and front partition with rubber and Kevlar on the sides, protective cushions above the heads
– Air. 1 big window with a protective grid, 2 airfans, 2 windows in the left panel
– Big tack room. Customizable options
– Power switch in the tack room 
– Briddle hooks